Would you like to realize your dreams and live with your passion?

Do you want to walk on your own path and decide your destiny?

We know exactly how it feels like!

Do you have a business idea but don’t know how to proceed or looking for partners?

Then you are on the right place! Come and join us, let’s start a business together!

Because we believe that there are two primary choices in life:

To accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them. We basically want to work with people who chose the latter one.

Also because we believe...

In driven individuals, great entrepreneurs and fantastic teams executing big ideas and ready to move mountains.
In people who are tired of doing things by the book, who want to change the game, do things differently and make the world a better place with a great passion.
That these people, with right coaching, will create high-growth businesses which have a large market potential, as well as game-changing technologies or innovative business models.
That these people will create value! And we want to help them be the best on their way to success!


We create and develop high-tech businesses with our partners and offer management consultancy services primarily within the

We do primarily two things:

Seek out the most innovative and interesting entrepreneurs and companies we can find, mainly within IT-business and do everything we can to help those companies succeed.
Offer an extensive management expertise both from start-ups and enterprise corporations. Our consultancy services are offered to both our portfolio companies and other clients and partners.

We help driven entrepreneurs:

Set clear visions and goals
Create, develop and accelerate their companies
Be more efficient and optimize their performances

By providing seed capital

And by helping with further capital raising for expansion

Our consultancy services:

Leadership and Strategy
Strategic Marketing
Sales and Business Development
Board Representation

We do love calculated risks!

We overcome those risks by working with our proven business development models, and setting clear visions and goals. That’s why we’d rather call ourselves as risk managers than risk takers.

We calculate risks

We’d like to establish our partnership at an early stage as possible. But of course, the potential of the company, quality of the idea, and the quality of the team are more important to us than any particular stage or market sector.

We believe in active involvement. We are ready to engage ourselves as much as it’s needed, to be able to provide the best support possible to our partners. But on the other hand we know that sometimes being involved might mean that we don’t give the space for the entrepreneur practice his or her creativity.

At some stages, founder or the leader of the company may require assistance, whether for recruiting, leveraging technical resources, or launching a product, and we use all of the resources available to us to help with those challenges. We can actively participate in developing our partners through day-to-day contacts with the management team and/or through board representation. At other times, we know to just get out of the way and let the entrepreneur do his or her thing.

We also make know-how, experience and service exchange possible within the group of portfolio companies which help us develop our partners faster.

Softvision is...

Founded and led by Deniz Yildirim since 2006. Deniz is an entrepreneur at heart and for life! He is also passionate about helping others to succeed in their start-up efforts and loves to share his experiences with new entrepreneurs. 

Together with Deniz, there is an experienced management team behind Softvision with an extensive track record as entrepreneurs and ability to create, develop or manage high performance companies.

Beside the expertise in different management functions, the team has also extensive experience in product development, risk analysis, technology due diligence, and project management.

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We are “Citizens of the World”!

We’d love to work with great people and fantastic ideas all around the planet.

At the moment most of our clients and partners are located in Southern Sweden and Copenhagen Denmark.

Softvision Ventures AB
Klostergatan 2
222 22 Lund
+46 (0) 733 82 25 91

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